April 30-May 4, 2005

Allie, come get us - we're at the BART station

Allie's apartment

Allie's kitchen

Allie and Nancy with her sewing machine

Dave and Allie outside her front door

Allie's apartment house

Allie with her trusty bike

Outside Cody's where Allie works part-time

Allie in her Children's Dept at Cody's

Nancy browsing

Street scene in Berkeley

At the Claremont

view from Claremont balcony


Applegarden playhouse

Applegarden playground

back of Applegarden

Applegarden classroom

Applegarden students and teachers

Dave and Allie with flowers next door to Applegarden

CCA administration building

Allie's window for her project

another CCA building

CCA totem pole

Allie bringing home some of her artwork

Katie, Allie, Nancy and Dave at dinner Saturday night

Nancy and Allie at the Powell St. cable car

Nancy and Dave at the Powell St. cable car

cable cars passing

view from the cable car as it heads towards Fisherman's Wharf

"How do we get there?"

a pirate we found on the way to lunch

The Blue Mermaid Chowder House

Allie and Nancy at lunch at the Blue Mermaid

Electric Car Rentals location

Our electric car


Dave and Allie at the Golden Gate Bridge

Allie on the beach near Crissy Field

"How did I get down here"

"Here we are"

Golden Gate Bridge

Lombard Street

Lombard Street from the other end

Coit Tower

in deep discussion

Allie with skyline from Coit Tower

another view from Coit Tower

Ghiradelli Square

Cable Car turn-around near Ghiradelli Square

"the last song!"

}Allie braves the outside of the cable car

Nancy doesn't ...

but Dave stands outside too

Allie making her Apple Quilt
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Nancy at the Powell St. BART station

John, Laura and Dave out on the town

restaurant where we ate a couple of meals

Dave in the lobby of the Hilton

Allie in the lobby of the Hilton


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Nancy Badertscher
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