Nana and Papa Dave Visit Atticus and His Parents
March 25-27, 2005

Dave and Chomo bonding

yummy cantaloupe

Breakfast - 3 people and 3 or more spoons

Nana and Atty ready to go to the park

looking at the view from Prospect Hill

Boston view from Prospect Hill

Nancy and Dave

Atty likes the park gate

what does this thing do?

here's one thing to do on it

Nana and Atty at the top of the slide ...

and at the bottom


swinging - from another direction

Rob and Atty on the slide

the whole crew

Atty and Papa Dave walking from the park

waking up with Pooh

Atty and Tigger

touching Granny's blanket

riding horsie with Nana

bubbles at bath-time

why do I have to have water on my head?

checking out his new hair style in a mirror

Nana tries her hand at breakfast

Genny and Dave at the Am. Acad. of Arts and Sciences park

Genny and Nancy - same place

on the sidewalk

Atty on the slide at the Sunday park

Atty in the sandbox

4 in the sandbox


Barretts at the park ...

and at home


background is a closeup of the Cambridge playground surface

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