Becky and Willie met during their first semester in Law School at Georgia State.  They were married at St. Simons on December 29, 2001 and graduated from Law School in May 2002.  Both of them are now practicing law in Atlanta. They have just welcomed their son,  John Barrett Phalen ("Jack"), into the world. Jack was born September 9, 2004, becoming  Granny Hobson's 3rd great-grandson - and all born this year!  Check out Anthony Sean Connor and Atticus Hall Barrett too.

Hatteras July '00

wedding Dec 29 '01

hooding ceremony May '02

Hatteras July '02

moving to Alton Rd Nov '02

Christmas '03

Becky's birthday April '04
"We're having a boy too"

Becky at 22 wks pregnant
April '04

Becky, Willie, Micheal and Kristi at The Varsity
May '04

Micheal, Kristi, Dave and Becky at The Varsity
May "04

Becky at 24 wks pregnant
May '04

Micheal, Kristi, Becky and Willie at Braves game
May '04

pictures from Alton Rd. house - now for sale

Becky at 27 wks pregnant...
June '04

and 29 weeks
June '04

July '04

cookout for Kristi
August '04

baby shower
August '04

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