Christmas 2004 - pt. 2
after December 25
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Allie cleans up at Grandma's and Midge's

Addison Drive

Allie on jungle gym at Brook Park

Dave and Nancy at Brook Park

too many cooks in Kristi's kitchen?

Atticus has fun with the cards

Atticus with Rob in the kitchen

watching the boys

Allie with the boys

Atticus at the coffee table

a kiss for Jack from Allie - with help from Kristi

Atticus on Rob's shoulders

Willie and Allie relaxing

Jack and Kristi

Willie, Becky and Jack  with Jack the Dog

Jack in profile

Jack in Willie's lap

Kristi and Micheal

"Crazy Aunt Allie" and Jack

Jack with the tag blanket from Beckie

Atticus with the cat puppet

Jack sleeping

Kristi and Micheal with the frame from Granny

Becky with the hat that will be felted

Rob with bears' train

Atticus's name blocks

Jack's name blocks

Atticus in his sweater

Jack in his sweater

Atticus and Jack in Nana's sweaters


Allie's painting for Kristi and Micheal

Atticus, Beckie and Allie

Nana and Pappa Dave's new camera

Dave - 1st digital picture from new camera

Rob with his camera - 2nd picture

Becky, Allie and Kristi - 3rd picture

group picture

Rob and Atticus show off a trick  - scary!

Kristi, Micheal and the boys

Atticus and Pappa Dave

Nana with Jack and Atticus

Nana and Atticus with Jack's letters

Beckie, Rob and the boys

Rob and the boys - a handful!

Rob plays with Jack and the duck

taking a walk with the Phalens

Jack in the bjorn

Nana gets to babysit Jack -

with help from Pappa Dave

Jack on the boppy


and another view

The Phalens in front of their new house

Sally and Rose


link to Nana's first attempt at a video clip on the new camera - Jack in his swing


Pictures from Rob of their visit with Granny in Johnson City December 30-31

Granny with Atticus and Rob

Granny with Atticus and Beckie

Feeding time

Posing on the couch

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