from second semester at CCA

This project was to relate in some way to family history during the period from 1919 - 1945.  After Allie spent a good bit of time reading Papa's memoirs and collecting stories, pictures and recipes from Granny and me she decided on the idea of creating a quilt design out of apples.  Those who know our family know that apples play a prominent role - Papa grew apples, his dad grew apples, Granny did all kinds of things with apples, and one of her uncles grew apples. Allie has developed an interest in textiles of various kinds, and is enjoying working on knitting and sewing projects - and knows that we also have a history of needlework in the Hobson and Miller families.

She used seven different kinds of apples in this project: Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Gala, Braeburn, McIntosh and Jonagold.  Her professor encouraged her to present this project as "performance art" when he heard what she wanted to do. So, from about 7 am until 7 pm on Tuesday, May 3, she was in this display window at CCA creating her "quilt."  Even though she said she did not want me to come watch her, I did come over from San Francisco, where we were staying while Dave was attending a library conference there. And of course I brought my camera.  These pictures were taken about 4:30-5:00 in the afternoon.  She remained there working on it until class that evening and by that time had finished the fourth row of squares. After the project was completed she made Apple Crisp and applesauce for her roommates and took an apple pie to class the next night.



Created by: Nancy Badertscher
date created: May 7, 2005
updated: May 8, 2005

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