Nana and Papa Dave Visit Atticus and His Parents
October 1-3, 2004

Yummy cereal

Nana tries to change a diaper

"See how I can turn over, Nana!"

Atty wakes up from a nap

"I don't really want this bottle"

does it taste better at the restaurant?

Atty with Genny and Nana at The Thirsty Scholar

Nana, Pappa Dave and Atty at Genny's house

Nana, Atty and Genny 

Genny's door

stroller sleeping

Atty and Papa Dave at Harvard Yard

another Harvard view with Atty and Papa Dave

Nana, Atty and Rob on the couch

Rob, Atty and Chomo


Chomo the Horsey

off to the Foodmaster for ...


belly tickles

matching socks

up close with the socks

and closer still

Atty, Nana and Dave

 a young Wahoo

"I'd rather have it in my mouth"

lunch in a park

up high

walking by the Charles River

cupcakes for sale

the scenic Charles River

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Date created: October 4, 2004
Nancy Badertscher